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“Caffè Miglietta enhances the craftsmanship of high altitude coffee and single origins by spreading the culture of coffee and espresso around the world”

About Us

Our cafeterias are welcoming place to meet, they became a point of reference for lovers of high altitude artisan coffee. Here, in addition to quality, you can count on genuine service, a decidedly relaxing and inviting atmosphere to pass time with friends, study or work.

Much more than a coffee

Our artisan roasting gives accellent taste to high altitude coffee full of aroma and delicacy with the right intensity, making the coffee break a unique experience. In our cafés you can find other delights to satisfy any palate. Here you can also purchase coffee for your special moments at home or for your working day at the office.


A good morning always begins with an excellent breakfast: coffee, cappuccino, croissants, cakes, yoghurt and savory croissants represent the daily ritual.

Coffee, chocolate, eggnog, sweets for your special moments: sublime temptations you can’t resist.

Sandwiches, toasts, salads, first courses, light and tasty, created to rediscover the pleasure of a lunch break even in the office or at home.

Our delicious proposals to consume on the spot or to take away. Combinations of perfect goodies.

Our wines, champainges, cocktails, and delicious dishes make happy hour a pleasant and carefree moment.


It was created to renew the Italian tradition of coffee and cafeteria.


Our experience and professionalism to make the most of the hospitality experience.


The perfect place suitable for any moment of the day, accompanied by the taste of Italian excellence.


The day with us begins with an excellent breakfast. Coffee, cappuccino, tea, croissants, yoghurt, cakes, savory croissants and much more for your daily ritual.

Salads, dishes, toasts, sandwiches and sandwiches, light and tasty, are made to rediscover the pleasure of a lunch break, with us in the office or at home.
Coffee, eggnog, hot chocolate and many other delicacies are the special ingredients of our coffees: unique creations to make you fall in love.
Our delicious cocktails, gourmet dishes make happy hour a happy and carefree moment.
the experience of the Italian café in a modern concept.




and dedicated offers


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T. +39 347 699 47 83



From Monday to Friday
Morning: from 9.00 to 12.30
afternoon: from 14.00 to 18.00


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